Frequently asked questions

Below you can find the most frequently asked questions about SURANIA.

If you cannot find an answer to your questions, please contact us via customer services.

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01 How to use discounts, coupons and gift cards

Where do I introduce my Surania discount code? After designing your item and introducing your measurements, the payment page will show up. There, you must enter your discount code, coupon or gift card in its required field. Such field can be found at the center of the right side of the screen. Once the code is introduced, click “validate”.

02 Gift card

How can I acquire a gift card? In our webpage, go to the Home page and click the “gift card” tab. You will be redirected to a page where you will have to fill in the fields with your preferences. Once you finish, click the “Buy” button that you will see in the center, at the bottom of the page.


Expiration and refund of the gift card: The Surania gift card does not expire, but it is not refundable.

03 How do I wash my swimsuit properly?

Always wash it with freshwater after using it – As soon as possible      

Wash it by hand – All experts recommend it

Soap – It is recommended that you wash your swimsuit with soft hand soap or light-duty detergent.

Drying – Do not squeeze it until the last drop of water is gone. If you do, you may damage the fibers. Hanging the swimsuit (especially from the straps) may also damage it. Instead, extend it over a towel, wrap it and gently press it. Finally, lay your swimsuit on a flat surface outdoors and let it dry. Avoid drying it on the sun, as it may damage the colors. Make sure that the swimsuit is fully dry before storing it.

Switch swimsuits – The swimsuits need a full day to return to their original condition. If you are on holidays or use the swimsuit frequently, it is essential to have more than one. That way, each swimsuit has at least 24 hours to recover (plus washing and drying time).

Always use cold water – Hot water harms the swimsuit. Never wash it with hot water, and avoid going into hot tubs too often.


When sitting, never forget the towel – every time you sit on the pavement next to the swimming pool, on a wooden bench, or on any other rough surface, try to sit on the towel. Such moments may damage and tear the fabric.

Bikinis tailor-made for each body type


True to our essence, in Surania we seek to offer our customers the best customized bikinis and swimsuits that correspond to individual tastes, allowing them to create a unique design for each bikini.


Whether they are tankinis, one-pieces and bikinis, in Surania we want to be the perfect companion for your summer, offering many opportunities for you to choose the bikini or swimsuit that suits you best depending on your morphology and preferences.


Every season, we offer you trendy swimwear, with multiple options that you can configure to your liking. Only Surania offers over 8000 possible combinations for a customized bikini or a customized swimsuit, and the possibility to play with prints, bikini tops such as bandeau, push up, underwire, triangles, halters. In addition to various bottom models, panties, thongs or Brazilian. All this make us an unique brand, in which the purchase is a fun game where you can design your bikini online, made for you and by you. For some years, we offer the same customization possibilities both for bikinis and swimsuits for girls, and swimwear for men and boys. They can therefore suit well the whole family, with a unique style.


Supported by years of experience in the textile sector, Surania was born as the perfect alternative for those who appreciate quality clothes, made with the utmost care and with high quality materials that allow us to be not only trendy, but to have a 100% original garment with us for the summer days.

Dare to design your personalized bikini for this summer and discover the world of possibilities of fabrics and designs that we have for you at Surania.



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