If you are more curvy... Avoid especially swimsuits. They further accentuate your back giving a very masculine image. The trikinis 8 are a good option as more accentuate your hips and make you a more feminine body. The fixed panties class="result"> are perfect for you.

If you have the perfect curves... Opt for a 10 petite pantie . None of psychedelic prints and reloaded as well, they do not highlight your figure. We also recommend our culottes 11 <​​/ span> all fixed panties 9 , both young girls and women

If you have the perfect bust... Not too much and not too little, you can wear triangular bikinis or bandeau bikinis without fear. You might dare to try the retro styled balconette type this season.

If your curves are more pronounced, the whole piece swimsuit 12, is more stylized you because you are not partially visible, such as the bikini or tankini, but it now depends on what style is most comfortable.

If you have a few curvas, or a generous rear, the belt-type model, which lets you not check anything, is the most suitable for you. Same with the pants and adjustable width option bonds, which allow not marked so you want to hide those curves. If you have a generous rear check out thesash type model, which lets you is less revealing, it might be the most suitable for you. Same with the pants and adjustable width option bonds, which allow not marked if you want to hide those curves. If you have a nice, toned rear, go for the Brazilian bottoms!

If you have wide hips, it is best to opt for a bikini bottom in which the size is adjustable. Stay away from the high bottoms and the big loops.

If you can show off your long and slender legs, you are of the few that you can wear short panties without a problem.

If you have a tummy, you have several options. Use the swimsuit 12 so that the belly is concealed behind the cloth. If you feel more comfortable with the bikini panties, choose high 13. And as a third option, the tankini 17 (t-shirt with panties) is very fashionable this season. In addition, you can use it fully stretched or lift it up for a good tan.

If you are pregnant, use panties with a curved front, which do not tighten. You can also use pants with side pleats that let you cover your tummy.

Bikinis tailor-made for each body type


True to our essence, in Surania we seek to offer our customers the best customized bikinis and swimsuits that correspond to individual tastes, allowing them to create a unique design for each bikini.


Whether they are tankinis, one-pieces and bikinis, in Surania we want to be the perfect companion for your summer, offering many opportunities for you to choose the bikini or swimsuit that suits you best depending on your morphology and preferences.


Every season, we offer you trendy swimwear, with multiple options that you can configure to your liking. Only Surania offers over 8000 possible combinations for a customized bikini or a customized swimsuit, and the possibility to play with prints, bikini tops such as bandeau, push up, underwire, triangles, halters. In addition to various bottom models, panties, thongs or Brazilian. All this make us an unique brand, in which the purchase is a fun game where you can design your bikini online, made for you and by you. For some years, we offer the same customization possibilities both for bikinis and swimsuits for girls, and swimwear for men and boys. They can therefore suit well the whole family, with a unique style.


Supported by years of experience in the textile sector, Surania was born as the perfect alternative for those who appreciate quality clothes, made with the utmost care and with high quality materials that allow us to be not only trendy, but to have a 100% original garment with us for the summer days.

Dare to design your personalized bikini for this summer and discover the world of possibilities of fabrics and designs that we have for you at Surania.



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