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About Us

In SURANIA, you will first find a wide range of ways to choose from options perfectly adapted to your body, your desires and your tastes. Secondly, you will find the most fashionable and exclusive fabrics on the market.

Designed by you

You create your OWN DESIGN.

Combine hundreds of colours, patterns, shapes and accessories and find your ideal bikini, tankini or swimsuit from more than 8,000 possible combinations.

All the fabrics we use in SURANIA are from Europe and are of high quality.

Made to measure

We validate sizes and other details.

Our team validates the measurements entered and other details with the aim of confirming that all the data entered is coherent.

Sewn strand by strand

We cut the fabric and prepare everything you need. The fabric is cut according to your configured product. All the necessary trimmings are prepared to sew your order.To create your unique and exclusive bikini, we work on the fabrics in a completely handmade way: no two products are the same.

We make your order carefully. After cutting the fabrics, we sew strand by strand and in an artisan way, to make your exclusive product.

Made with love

We validate the product and do a quality test on the ready-made garments, before sending the product. We again validate that the sizes of the product correspond to the order placed, and check that the product is in perfect condition.

We then package and ship your order. We pack your purchase in specific plastic bags to avoid humidity during the long trip from our workshop to your home. We want you to receive your purchase in the best possible condition.

You will have your product in no time at all. Enjoy your purchase!