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Women swimsuit

At Surania, our aim is to let women create their own bikini according to their own personal taste and measurements. We offer personalized bikinis, just the way you want them, so you can create your own unique bikini. True to our clients, we offer personalized swimwear to suit the taste of each and every individual.

You can design your own bikini, tankini or beachwear yourself in the way that suits you best. Here at Surania, we want women to feel comfortable with the combinations and sizes we offer. You are the one in charge of designing a bikini which is flattering for you.

This way, you can choose between bikini outfits, tops, bottoms, tankinis or beachwear. At Surania, you will find swimwear fit to size, tailored to every woman's figure and designed especially for women with both larger and smaller chest sizes. Don't think twice and show off your figure with personalized bikinis by Surania!


At Surania, you can personalise your design completely. We want women to create their own bikinis, to their own taste and made to measure. We offer personalised bikinis, so creating unique bathing costumes. Passionate about our customers, we offer bathing costumes personalised to the taste of each person.