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Full bikini


Full bikini - Surania

At Surania, our aim is to propose the best options in complete bikini swimwear combinations for our clients. The best women's bikinis adapted to personal taste.

Full bikini ensembles which can be mixed and matched together into more than 8000 combinations, making it possible to match a top that could be a halter, tube-top, underwire or triangular design with a wide range of bikini bottoms, from the more classical to a Brazilian style, culottes shorts or even tangas.

We offer recommendations for multiple bikini combinations and it is you who decides on the perfect mix to create your ideal bikini ensemble. At Surania, you will discover the latest bikini designs and with our track record in different brands, you will find some with an underwire, all of which will ensure comfort for you at all times.

Design your own bikini or swimsuit and choose the one most to your taste from among thousands of possible combinations.
Surania guarantees a quality product, and if it doesn't fit right, we will readjust the measurements.
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