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Classic swimsuits for boys


The classics are always in fashion. That's why here at Surania we offer typical classic boys swimsuits with waistbands. Coordinate your classic swimsuit to your liking, choosing between prints with flowers, stripes or stars, and some very unique designs. 

Create your own life-long classic design tailored to your measurements and according to your taste. Our aim is to offer boys swimsuits made to order for each individual, offering a unique, personalized style to boys who go for the classic look.

The perfect fit

Who hasn't wanted to design their own swimwear at some point? With Surania, you can do just that. Mix and match hundrets of collors, patterns, shapes, forms and accessories and find your ideal bikini, tankini or swimsuit among over 8.000 possible combinations. In addition, Surania guarantees a perfect fit since each piece is unique and tailor-made to fit you. We are so sure that it'll sit just right that we will return your money if you don't think it looks great. Customize your swimwear with our comfortable and intuitive system and show off your figure this summer with your unique bikini or swimsuit!

Design your own bikini or swimsuit and choose the one most to your taste from among thousands of possible combinations.
Surania guarantees a quality product, and if it doesn't fit right, we will readjust the measurements.
Forget about shipping costs for orders > €100